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I'm a senior financial advisor and head up the financial planning team for the #2 ranked registered investment advisor (RIA) firm in North Carolina, according to FA Magazine.*

Let’s face it, a lot of personal finance talk is boring at best and intimidating at worst. I want to change that.

Judson Meinhart

Player Breakdown & Stats

Judson Meinhart

Player Breakdown & Stats

It All Started Around February 2020, When the pandemic rocked all of our lives.

I spent some very long days on the phone with clients whose financial plans were being put to the test right before our eyes. Thankfully, we had accounted for days like these, and while stress was still the predominant emotion, rational confidence prevailed.

After long days of emotionally-draining conversations, I would decompress with a bucket of balls on the range or reflect on my day while walking nine holes. Sometimes I would roll with my best golf buddy, who mainly came for the snacks.

I drew parallels in my head between the strategy and execution required to be successful on the golf course and managing personal finances. I began to write them down and the idea of Golfer’s Guide to Money was born.

It’s my personal mission to help people build a strategy for their money and confidently execute their financial course.

Over the years I’ve had thousands of conversations about finances with novice and experienced investors alike. I’ve drawn upon those experiences to develop an approach that adds financial and emotion value to my clients’ lives.

I’ve found there are two specific types of people who have benefitted from this approach:

  • High earners on the front nine of their careers, charting a course towards financial independence
  • Professionals on the back nine of their careers and retirees looking to confidently stick their approach to retirement with tax-smart, income-generating strategies that maximize their savings

If you fall into one of these two categories, and would like to hear some ideas for attacking your course, let’s schedule a fitting. A Friendly, Introductory, Thirty minute call. No hard sell from me and obligation to you. It’s just a conversation to see if we might be good playing partners.

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